Album: Mike Svoboda, Da Lontano: Scelsi, Cage, Stockhausen, Nono (Wergo)


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In Da Lontano, trombonist Mike Svoboda explores the expressive range of his solo instrument in ways reflecting the diverse agendas of the composers involved.

For Giacinto Scelsi's “Mantram- Canto Anonimo”, he deliberately accentuates the trombone's vocal characteristics, in intonation and inflection, whereas in Stockhausen's “Signale Zur Invasion”, the trombone represents Lucifer. Cage's “Solo for Sliding Trombone” has been arranged for eight instruments, overlaid: the results recall big beasts, but still lone, rather than pack animals, while Nono's “Post-Prae-Ludium Per Donau” extends the big beast impression further through its combination of tuba and electronics.

Download: Solo for Sliding Trombone; Post-Prae-Ludium per Donau