Album: Radiohead, KOL RMX 1234567 (XL)


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If Radiohead's The King of Limbs wasn't quite abstruse enough for you, then this could be just what you're waiting for: 19 remixes of its eight tracks by dubstep and avant-rock producers – the best-known being Caribou, Four Tet and Modeselektor – most of whom seem to adopt the inscrutable manner of "Feral", whichever track they're remixing.

Modeselektor's "Good Evening Mrs Magpie" is one of the more engaging, a puttering, hypnotic surge of filter-sweeps, while of the five remixes of "Bloom", the hustling, minimalist approach of Mark Pritchard's version results in what sounds like Ian Brown singing with Terry Riley. Objekt and Sbtrkt bring itchy dubstep moves to "Bloom" and "Lotus Flower" respectively, while Caribou's "Little by Little" pleasingly foregrounds a harp figure. But most are dully baffling.

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