Album review: Bass Drum Of Death, Bass Drum Of Death (Innovative Leisure)


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Like Drenge, Mississippi garage rocker John Barratt cleaves to the minimalist truth of basic rock'n'roll forms - in his case, making Bass Drum Of Death effectively a one-man band, hammering out strikingly melodic punk anthems in his home studio. His recording methods would appal most engineers: from the firing-squad fusillades of primitive drumming to the murky bass and guitar riffs burying the vocals, which sound like they're coming through the wall of a cheap motel. But it works: “Such A Bore” recycles the riff from “G.L.O.R.I.A” in the service of majestically surly anomie: “I don't know but I wouldn't be sure/Everybody's gonna be such a bore”. A new punk classic.

Download: Shattered Me; Such A Bore; I Wanna be Forgotten; Faces Of The Wind