Album review: Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, Repent Replenish Repeat (Sunday Best)


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Repent Replenish Repeat follows in much the same vein as 2010's prickly The Logic of Chance: glitchy industrial-electro grooves and jerky, uncomfortable rhythm programmes, over which rapper Scroobius Pip inhabits the grey area between maverick articulacy and feral antipathy. "I ain't shoutin' at ya, I'm shoutin' to ya," he claims in the break-up track "Stunner", but it's a fine line when that romantic pain shades into the fury of "You Will See Me", an assertion of will that starts out angry and ends up sociopathic: creativity as revenge. Elsewhere, "Stiff Upper Lip" is a more defiant statement of raw underclass protest principles than Logic's comparatively polite "Stake a Claim": "Fuck stiff upper lip, pick up a brick, and if the crime fits, do something with it".

Download: Stunner; Stiff Upper Lip; Entity