Album review: Dido, Girl Who Got Away (RCA)


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Despite her avowed intention to adopt an electronic approach that would take this fourth album in a different direction to its predecessors, it sounds like textbook Dido – which is either a tribute to her voice's character, or an admission of failure.

Co-produced with her brother Rollo Armstrong from Faithless, it ticks along unremarkably on smudges of synthesiser and shuffling drum programmes, augmented by acoustic guitar or synthetic brass stabs, while Dido sings lines that might have been written by a computer watching Loose Women: polite assertions that she “don't wanna be talked over or walked upon”, amorphous feelgood sentiments. The best is “Sitting on the Roof of the World”, an assessment of her success, and how she survived it.

Download: Sitting on the Roof of the World; Girl Who Got Away