Album review: Editors, The Weight of Your Love ([P.I.A.S.])


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Having made progress of sorts with 2009's In This Light and on This Evening, Editors here step backwards into the crepuscular netherworld of Eighties new wave from whence they took their original inspiration.

“The Weight” opens the album in stadium-goth style, all gloomy portents and sombre baritone despite its romantic theme, while the leaden intimations of titles like “Formaldehyde” and “Two Hearted Spider” – the latter brazenly displaying its Joy Division roots – are pursued with grim determination. “Sugar” is better, its waspish electro-funk groove recalling Herbie Hancock's “Rockit” adorned with guitar arpeggios, but the muscular yearning of “A Ton of Love” too nakedly strives for the arena appeal of Simple Minds or James.

Download: Sugar; The Weight