Album review: Julian Anderson, Orchestral Works (LPO)


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The metaphysical, transcendent element of Julian Anderson's work is clear in these pieces recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. "The Crazed Moon" is infused with an extraordinary sense of wonder, almost subliminal trumpets giving way to the moan of cellos, before harp, chimes, woodwind and strings delve into turbulent territory. The premiere recording of the five-part suite "Fantasias" likewise grows from a complex fanfare of trumpets into a thrilling, crammed piece, with abrupt, jarring changes of direction and emphasis. The premiere recording of "The Discovery of Heaven" is more palliative, the three sections moving from the heavenly to a more earthly urban bustle of staccato horns and darting strings.

Download: The Discovery of Heaven; The Crazed Moon; Fantasia 2; Fantasia 3