Album review: Katy Perry, Prism (Capitol)


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Although it is largely the entirely predictable modern dance-pop creation you might expect from production-line hit maestros Max Martin and Dr Luke, Katy Perry deserves some credit for injecting a modicum of originality into Prism. Empowerment anthems "Roar" and "Love Me" may be routine button-pushing exercises, but occasionally a distinctive line stands out, such as the latter song's "Sometimes I wish my skin was a costume I could unzip and strip", or the description in "Ghost" of a lover "like a stranger, vanished like a vapour". "Legendary Lovers" brings refreshing Indian flavours to the otherwise bland pop fare favoured on the album, while the loping electro fizz of "This Is How We Do" offers the year's best top-down cruising anthem.

Download: This Is How We Do; Legendary Lovers; Love Me