Album review: Primal Scream, More Light (First International)


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More Light is Primal Scream's best effort in some time, not least due to producer David Holmes's skill in sculpting the likes of "River of Pain" and "Hit Void" into workable post-Bitches Brew jazz-fusion dubscapes.

Bobby Gillespie & Co are on their revolutionary mettle here, wondering, for example, "What happened to the voices of dissent? Gettin' rich, I guess" over the howling Krautrock of "2013". Things broaden out through the slinky electric piano groove of "Goodbye Johnny" and the blues moan of "Elimination Blues", but save for the throwaway "Turn Each Other Inside Out", there's very little filler here.

Download: 2013; River of Pain; Culturecide; It's Alright, It's OK