Album review: Yo La Tengo, Fade (Matador)


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As they approach their third decade together, New York trio Yo La Tengo are mellowing somewhat, though without losing the questing spirit of resistance that characterises their approach to music.

It's there in the very title of "Ohm" (resistance), a harmony-laced, chugging krautrock groove in which they celebrate endurance and change, the track swirling with snarling psychedelic guitar as they note. It's a high point on an album that perhaps skips too easily from one style to another for its own good, though there are other sublime moments in "Stupid Things", which finds the link between Neu!'s motorik and New Order's indie-disco, and "I'll Be Around", whose acoustic guitar, organ and murmured vocals have a peaceful charm akin to the Velvets' third album.

Download: Ohm; Stupid Things; I'll Be Around