Album: Rolling Stones, Shine a Light (Universal)

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Martin Scorsese has become the official hallmark of classic-rock-cred: first the Dylan documentary, then this Stones concert film, and next up, the George Harrison bio-doc. He's undoubtedly qualified for the job, but I'm not sure I want to hear him muttering "OK! First song!" over the opening of "Jumping Jack Flash": it imposes a too businesslike attitude over an event not exactly short of that commodity in the first place.

Filmed at New York's Beacon Theatre, this two-CD live set is tight and efficient, most notably on an impressively bruising "Live With Me" featuring Christina Aguilera (there are also spots for Jack White and Buddy Guy), though one suspects the likes of "Shattered" and "She Was Hot" were included more for their crowd-pleasing mentions of US cities than for musical virtue.

And if Mick's a trifle mannered on "As Tears Go By" (a bit like faulting water for being wet, I realise), and their version of "Just My Imagination" is too rugged for the song's good, the second disc's array of staples – including "Sympathy For the Devil", "Brown Sugar", "Satisfaction" and "Paint It Black" – is dispatched with typical panache.

Pick of the album: 'Live With Me', 'Paint It Black', 'Brown Sugar', 'Satisfaction'

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