Album: Roots Manuva, Everevolution (Big Dada)

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4Everevolution opens with a typically idiosyncratic, shuffle-strut electro groove that suggests we may be in for more of the engaging itchiness that characterised the splendid Slime & Reason, Roots Manuva noting how "It's our first time growing up".

He continues the theme in "Here We Go Again", a rebuttal of infantile "playground moves" in an adult world, before broadening things out with "Skid Valley", an all-purpose complaint about the empty materialism wrecking his Britain, and "Who Goes There?", about the mistrust and violence increasingly endemic in our society. It's a more considered and persuasive analysis than most of his younger, grimier peers can offer, but then Roots is a little older and less easily impressed: as he observes here, "Revelation shall reveal the truth won't always heal".

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