Album: Soft Hearted Scientists, Wandermoon (The Hip Replacement)

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Whimsical psychedelia must be like mother's milk to the Welsh.

Soft Hearted Scientists are yet another band spiritually indebted to Syd Barrett, dedicated to making music with a sense of wonder akin to "the sound of stars flying off the end of a wand". Opener "Mountain Delight" fulfills that remit perfectly, finding them gazing into infinity over a bed of glockenspiel, acoustic and slide guitar. "The Trees Don't Seem To Know That It's September" is jocular British music-hall psych-pop, like long hair curling beneath a straw boater, while "Tornadoes In Birmingham" muses amusingly on how "the weather is altogether stranger than it used to be". But no stranger, surely, than the multi-sectioned "Westward Leading", an epic expedition evoking the "magic dust of an octomyth".

DOWNLOAD THIS: Mountain Delight; The Trees Don't Seem To Know That It's September; Westward Leading