Album: Summer Camp, Welcome to Condale (Apricot/Moshi Moshi


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Proferring a worldview apparently informed by the 1980s coming-of-age films of John Hughes, Summer Camp's long-awaited debut album seethes with updated teen angst set to engaging electropop grooves.

The duo of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have invented a fictional town, Condale, in which to play out the emotional psycho-dramas of characters like "Brian Krakow", whose brutal antagonism – "I don't care about your dreams/ I'd rip you apart at the seams" – is played out against what sounds like a Ting Tings stomp-pop with a sinister undercurrent. A more cheerful antipathy bubbles through tracks like "Done Forever" and "Losing My Mind", whose small-scale wall-of-sound and cleverly interlinked vocal lines still leave room for a whistled hook. A semi-detached, suburban fantasy of idealised heartbreak.

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