Album: The Beatles, Stereo Vinyl Box (Apple)


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The Holy Grail of audiophile pop: The Beatles' entire output re-pressed on 180g vinyl, 16 records accompanied by a lavishly bound hardback book, all packaged in the sturdiest of boxes.

It's the heaviest item I've lifted in years – and the music's pretty heavy, too: the winning melodies, innovative harmonies and intricate arrangements were built in, and for, an analogue world, and burst through with a warmth and vigour restricted by the brittle digital processing of CDs. The earlier albums have a renewed chunky momentum, but it's the classic psychedelic era – roughly from Revolver to Magical Mystery Tour – which profits most from the restoration. But at £300, only the seriously devoted will indulge.

Download: Tomorrow Never Knows; A Day in the Life; I Am the Walrus; And Your Bird Can Sing; Hello Goodbye