Album: The Black Keys, Tour Rehearsal Tapes (Nonesuch)


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The six tracks of Tour Rehearsal Tapes underscore the explosive musical chemistry between guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Pat Carney that made last February's shows such joyously exhilarating affairs.

Auerbach's guitar riffs are stripped to the bone, while Carney is a massive engine driving sporty little riffs, whether it's the lollopy Glitterband swagger of “Gold on the Ceiling”, or the Can groove inflated to stadium size for “Tighten Up”.

But he instinctively lets up enough to allow his partner's voice room on “Dead and Gone” and “Lonely Boy”. Rawer and more feral than their El Camino studio selves, the Keys here display a ruthless combination of punch and stridency currently unparalleled in the live arena.

Download: Dead and Gone; Run Right Back; Gold on the Ceiling