Album: The Cranberries, Roses (Cooking Vinyl)


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The third comeback of the week is at odds with the first two, in the lack of development involved in either the music or the creators' worldview.

Where both Sinéad and Dodgy have made significant strides, Roses continues as if its predecessor were released but weeks earlier, rather than more than a decade before.

The band's methodical strum-scapes are as laboriously wrought as ever, while Dolores O'Riordan continues to mine the format of close repetition with slight variation ("You should come away with me/You should have some faith in me"), and to impart generic emotional tone through tremulous breathiness.

Whatever life lessons she may have learnt in the interim remain buried beneath the duvet of adolescent exaggeration implied in titles such as "Losing My Mind" and "Schizophrenic Playboy".

Download this Conduct; Raining in My Heart