Album: The Doors, L.A. Woman - 40th Anniversary Edition

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By the time The Doors came to record their final album, Jim Morrison was in retreat from the millstone of rockstar idolatry, shedding his more fanciful pretensions for a straightforward blues persona, the anagramatical "Mr Mojo Risin". It freed him up to help make possibly the band's best album, full of churning gutbucket blues leading to the sinister calm of "Riders on the Storm" – which on the outtake version, Morrison amusingly suggests they do in the manner of a TV cowboy theme. The singer's boozed-up immersion in atavistic blues spirit is obvious from the guttural grunts that herald the alternative version of "The Changeling", and in the unvarnished sensuality of the strutting outtake "She Smells So Nice". But as "Love Her Madly" proved, even at this late stage, The Doors could still crank out a serviceable pop hit.

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