Album: The Go! Team, Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries)

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Right at the end of what is officially the most depressing month of the year comes a shaft of unadulterated sunshine.

After the darker, psych-flavoured Proof of Youth, the third album from the Go! Team is a return to what made everyone love their debut, namely a retro-modern mash-up of Northern Soul and old-skool hip-hop. There are two downbeat moments, "Super Triangle" and "Lazy Poltergeist", but other than that the mood is early Saint Etienne meets the Avalanches down the rollerdisco, wearing Sesame St costumes and chewing chocolate flavoured Bubblicious.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that on the title track (an “homage” to My Bloody Valentine’s “Strawberry Wine”) they’re joined by Bethany Cosentino, whose Best Coast are the only band who can match the Go! Team for feelgood factor.