Album: The Little Ones, Morning Tide (Heavenly Recordings)

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It's been two years since this LA quartet dropped their sunshine-drenched 'Sing Song' EP, with its flattering nods towards Big Star and the Byrds.

As is befitting their quixotic sound, the Little Ones's first LP is a gloriously euphoric indie album that's not ashamed to wear its pop influences on its sleeve. "Morning Tide" leans towards the convivial nature of the Spinto Band and the bittersweet splendour of the Shins. Meanwhile, "Tangerine Vision" and "All Your Modern Boxes" has an early Nineties Britpop vibe to it. If you've been hunting a feel-good album for the summer, you need look no further.

Pick of the Album: The deliriously sun-kissed 'Morning Tide'