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Dream Brother: The songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley, FULL TIME HOBBY
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Separated in life, united by death, Tim and Jeff Buckley have been redeemed by tragedy. Never more than admired cult figures in their own lifetimes, their prematurely curtailed ambitions have effectively cemented their position as rock's most poignantly charismatic dynasty. Indeed, for all the current glut of second-generation pop performers, it's hard to think of another family pair whose individual songs could be mingled as freely as they are on this tribute album of covers, without necessitating frequent grinding gear-changes. The mellow wistfulness of The Magic Numbers' arrangement of Tim's "Sing a Song for You" slips so seamlessly into the gentle raptness of Micah P Hinson's and Sufjan Stevens' respective versions of Jeff's "Yard of Blonde Girls" and "She Is" that they could have come from the same pen, rather than just the same genes. Fittingly, given the Buckleys' position as forebears of the current alt.folk movement, most of these covers pivot elegantly on the pinhead of integrity and innovation, with absorbing "folktronica" versions of songs such as "Dream Brother", "Everybody Here Wants You" and "No Man Can Find the War" by the likes of Bitmap, Matthew Herbert and Dani Siciliano, and Tunng.