Album: Various Artists, Andy Votel Presents Brazilika (Far Out)

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There's wah-wah and fuzz-box abuse to the max on this deranged-sounding archaeology of the Seventies military-occupation years of Brazil's acid rock, prog and mutant funk explosion.

Cult DJ and producer Votel has dug deep to unearth some bizarro goodies, culled from TV cop-show tie-ins and the releases of rock labels RGE and Som Livre. The 26 brief tracks are mixed into pairs, generating even stranger juxtapositions. It's classic genre stuff, favouring obscurities and one-miss wonders but there's a song by Os Mutantes, plus four by Sidney Miller, who is regarded as a genius by Caetano Veloso.

Pick of the Album: 'Cicatrizes' by Sidney Miller: fey ballad and acid-trance in one

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