Album: Viva Brother, Famous First Words (Geffen)

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At the start of 2011, Berkshire chancers Brother launched themselves at the knuckledragger market temporarily vacated by the Gallaghers, declaring themselves "the future of music".

Since then, they've become a standing joke and ignominiously had to add 'Viva' to their name for legal reasons. This debut is so lame, it makes the Beady Eye album sound like Let It Bleed: ten pieces of chugging Brit-rock so soul-crushingly doctrinaire they make Cast sound like Captain Beefheart. Meanwhile, singer Leonard Newell's flimsy Liam impression is the audio equivalent of that squint-eyed sneer he affects in every single photo shoot.

They do have the self-awareness to quote Betjeman's "Slough" on "High Street Low Lives", but if these jokers succeed, those friendly bombs came too late. The chances? Not so much Definitely Maybe as Definitely No Way.