Album: We Are The Lilies, We Are the Lilies (V2)

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We Are the Lilies came about when Parisian David Sztanke sent a CD by his band Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family to Sergio Dias, the leader of Brazilian Tropicalismo legends Os Mutantes.

A year later, they collaborated on this dizzying outburst of experimental rococo pop, in which Dias's renegade psychedelic leanings find oddly comfortable lodging in The Palmtree Family's lush musical settings. At times, there are simply too many twists and turns of style to get a firm grasp on a song; but there's such a persuasive joy in sheer sound that one can't help but smile. "Over My Head" recalls the whimsical pop charm of hippie acts like Caravan, while the blending of guitar drones and searing sax in "Meninas De Paris" bears out the lyrical claim that "all this beauty has exhausted me".

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