Album:, #willpower (Interscope)

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William Adams is, according to Wikipedia, "an American recording artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, DJ, record producer and philanthropist". Combined with his television persona – cheeky, boyish, fun – it makes him seem like one of the nicest guys on earth, right?

But even without the unpleasant association of the Chris Brown guest slot here, #willpower (we're letting people hashtag their album titles now?) is a charmless listen. Adams uses exactly the same builds and drops and "I just wanna have fun tonight" banalities as Black Eyed Peas' greatest hits, and overuses Auto-Tune with the relentlessness of a small child who still can't get over how great Cher's voice trick was on "Believe".

Brown isn't the only guest: everyone you've ever heard of in modern American pop is there (Spears, Cyrus, Bieber, Scherzinger), as well as plenty you haven't. Only Spears comes out of it with any credit.

Oh, and it goes on for ever: 18 tracks of mindless thumping electro-rap in the company of and friends is like being trapped in the lift with the worst selection of people this side of Thatcher's funeral. Next time he's on The Voice, someone please padlock him to his swivel chair and throw away the key.