Album: Zomby, Nothing (4AD)


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The rapid follow-up to this summer's evocative Dedication is markedly different in intent, a much lighter affair lacking the somewhat sombre, haunted mood of that valedictory album.

It's like the dubstep equivalent of a New Orleans funeral ceremony: lachrymose and lamenting en route to the grave, then more joyous and upful on the way back, as if acknowledging the light chasing away the gloom. "Labyrinth" sets the tone here, its slinky breakbeat and tubular synth motif carrying fragmentary electronic and vocal hooks that bring to mind Wild Child's early rave classic "Renegade Master". The rest of the album likewise refers to an earlier era of dance and electronica, with several adaptations of the classic "Funky Drummer" shuffle in "Sens" and "Ecstasy Versions", while the lightweight, skeletal charm and simplicity of "Digital Fractal" recalls Richard Kirk's slimline synth exercises of a decade or two ago. 

Download this: Labyrinth; Digital Fractal; It Was All A Dream