Morrissey, London O2 Arena - gig review: Expectedly angry and woeful

There can't be many musicians that have a following as loyal as Morrissey

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Morrissey was in such a 'good mood' at his first UK show since 2012 that he ripped off his shirt and hurled it into his audience as his grand finale, an act so fantastically dramatic and untamed Stanley Kowalski would have been intimidated.

His gig was as expectedly angry and woeful as fans could have hoped. Each band member wore a "F*** Harvest Records" T-shirt - an unambiguous reference to his recent parting with his record label. A near fight broke out between security and fans as they crowd-surfed to the barriers and threw themselves over in order to clutch the hand of their hero.


There can't be many musicians that have a following as loyal as Morrissey, a leader for all who are lost, angry and disenchanted; a poetic voice for those unable to articulate their discontent.

He focused largely on new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business, including the dramatic "Scandinavia", "Kiss Me A Lot" and "Istanbul". Among most warmly received were "I'm Not A Man" and his finale, the classic "Everyday Is Like Sunday". For the majority of his 90-minute set, he admirably appeared as if his dog had been run over.

Morrissey is still music's entertaining king of misanthropy.