New Young Pony Club, Madame Jojo’s, London

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On a freezing night in Soho, gracing Madame Jojo’s dimly-lit stage, New Young Pony Club are out to perform new songs, show off a new bass player and flaunt a rather interesting hairstyle in the hope of winning our hearts.

A band, who possibly without you knowing, filled your ears with the sugary pop hit Ice Cream are back on the scene with equally poppy electro tunes combined with a grown-up sound.

Not only is there a slight change in music, but also a change in style; singer, Tahita Bulmer, sports a half shaved/half hair extension grunge look, while keyboardist, Lou Hayter, and drummer, Sarah Jones, look demure, and perfectly poised, as they sing, charmingly, to, The Bomb, and newie, We Want Too.

A cover of PJ Harvey’s, Dress, is transformed into an electro psychosis, and creates a fabulous bright sound. Whipping out other tunes such as the tribal sounding, Hiding on the Staircase, and the slightly tiresome sounding, The Get Go, still manages to get the punters grooving away.

A preview of two more songs off forthcoming album, The Optimist; Chaos, and Lost a Girl, are akin to their previous ‘nu rave’ sound, but a sound that is progressively more dark. A typical path for a band to take, after a releasing a very scenesterr, Hoxton friendly, debut, Fantastic Playroom. Making a comeback with something more serious, something that respectably, screams, “I’m a bona fined musician, take me for real!” is particularly unmistakable in this case. Long, edgier synths, and fewer playful lyrics are evident in this new gage.

Besides a few criminal dance moves, and the slightly tenuous pauses in-between songs, NYPC manage to keep their pack of Pony lovers dancing, raving, big fish-little fish style, to a jam-packed club.

They’re probably tired of hearing it (it’s a positive repetitive, mind), but NYPC are a striking outfit. Never falter an army of woman (and blokes) who can make good, fun, pop songs, and look convincing at the same time-it’s something of a rarity these days to look convincing at all.