Preview: Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert, Moog Acid (Label: Lo Recordings)

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"The art of music is a sacred mission", declaims veteran synthesiser pioneer Jean Jacques Perrey, pompously. "The artist, as a true technician of culture, must have his vision, that certain vision for the future".

Well, yes, but a decent tune wouldn't go amiss, either: this collaboration with post-rave samplist Luke Vibert is entertaining enough in certain aspects, but rather too much of it slips into that bland territory occupied by the Seventies library-music.

While not everything quite plumbs the depths of "Frere Jacques", on which a child's faltering vocal fronts a drab collation of glockenspiel, handclaps and synth, even the better tracks struggle to avoid complacency.

There's a nonchalant charm to "Schwing", and something of the innocent retro-futurism of Raymond Scott's early electronic jingles about "White Knight" and the aptly titled "Analogue Generique", but the duo's differing perspectives collid to no great advantage on the noodly muzak of "Ye Olde Beatbox".

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