Preview: Various Artists, Roll With Me, Henry: Chart Toppin' Doo Woppin' Volume 2 (Label: Rev-Ola)

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The R&B vocal group tradition has soundtracked the black American experience from the days of The Inkspots and The Mills Brothers through to Boyz II Men and N'Sync, but its heyday was unquestionably in the Forties and Fifties by what became known as "doowoop" groups.

This compilation features a host of classics, including perennial sock-hop show-closers such as The Penguins' "Earth Angel" and The Spaniels' "Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite", The Five Keys' racially frivolous (but fun) "Ling Ting Tong", and The Chords' limber original of "Sh-Boom".

The Du-Droppers' "I Found Out" from 1953 captures a perfect blend of ther vocal tradition of The Mills Brothers with the jump-blues of Louis Jordan and chicken-shack boogie R&B of Amos Milburn, while the great Hank Ballad is featured on The Royals' "Work With Me Annie" and The Midnighters' "Annie Had A Baby".

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