Scouting For Girls, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh Festival

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The fact that their song titles sound like jingles is only one of the annoying things about Scouting For Girls. Should we see a revival of He-Man toys and cartoons ("Mountains of Navaho"), a cinematic version of the Young Bond books ("James Bond"), or TV ads by social networking sites ("Fitter in Your MySpace Picture") or the Glastonbury festival ("Glastonbury"), the SFG trio (quartet for live shows) will surely be the first name on the marketing department's speed-dial.

SFG are right up there with McFly in terms of their "it's just for kids, that'll do" aesthetic. When singer Roy Stride tells the audience how great they are, you get the feeling he says that to every crowd, every night.

There are various Scouting For Girls here. The main one is the Stereophonics soundalike. Tracks like "Heartbeat", "Keep On Walking" and "She's So Lovely" sound like a less muscular version of the Welsh trio, and Stride's voice is reminiscent of the Stereos' Kelly Jones.

Then there are the piano-led interludes and songs, which redraw the band as a kind of drab Ben Folds Five. These are the more pleasantly functional portions of the show, as are a swath of cover versions. Travis's "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" and The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" are there local interest. Yet SFG's target demographic love it – at least until their A-level results hit the mat.