Word on the web: They're truly Amazing, Baby

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New to Brooklyn's thriving music scene are Amazing Baby. Masterminded by Will Roan (vocals) and Simon O'Connor (guitar), the band has a rotating cast of a dozen or so friends. Amazing Baby are, musically at least, only babes themselves, having come together just 10 months ago.

Graduating from the same school of rock as New York's band du jour MGMT (they went to the same posh liberal arts college, Wesleyan University in Connecticut), the collective specialise in dreamy, self-consciously anthemic yet effortlessly cool reverb-tastic rock with a mix of psych, punk and pop thrown in for good measure. We have a feeling that when Amazing Baby come over to play in the UK in November, they will fully live up to their name. Sonia Zhuravlyova


"They're currently label-less, but they've already conjured a whole sack of huge and skewed dreamscapes. They've got enough dreamy credentials to float to MGMT-esque adoration."


"Amazing Baby are another Brooklyn band hopping on the psychedelic-rock-pop MGMT train, and they are riding it large. Their songs share a similar liquid vibe and sense of scale."


"They're from Brooklyn, their number is somewhat undecided and they sound rather sprawling and musically ambitious; some would suggest psychedelic..."


"Amazing Baby are an act mixing the wild and free with the freaked out and paranoid. 'Head Dress', off their EP, is a sprawled-out-on-the-floor electric guitar ramble."


"I'm liking Amazing Baby for a lot of the same reasons I fell in love with Yeasayer. 'The Narwhal' seems to lack the huge sound of their other songs, yet is just as easy to get lost in."