The Bonus Track: David Thomas Broughton, Liam Finn, Dr Martens, Basement Jaxx


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Salad days

It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. In a small festival tent in, perhaps, 2008, I witnessed the musician David Thomas Broughton wheel out a trolley full of vegetables, give each vegetable a voice and then loop the “voices” until they’d become a full-blown vegetable orchestra. It was ­beautiful and funny and very strange. So lord only knows what will happen when and if a film-maker called Greg Butler reaches his crowdfunding target of £10,000 to make The Ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton. You have until Wednesday to help Butler’s cause at his Indiegogo page. And if you want to see what you’re letting yourself in for, watch the teaser trailer

Too much of a good Finn?

And speaking of on-stage madness, it is difficult to say what precisely will occur when Liam (can we stop saying “son of Neil” yet?) Finn brings his ­“Murmuration” residency to London’s Lexington every Monday in September. There will, ­apparently, be special guests, comedy and the dramatisation of a comic book. Oh, and Finn’s not a bad singer/songwriter/drummer either. Watch “Second Chance”

Really saying something

You couldn’t make this up. Corporate sponsorship and music have always made strange bedfellows, but the Dr Martens “Stand For Something” tour takes the biscuit. “Six nights of musical disruption” this year’s line-up promises (see for details). So what are the acts “standing up for” you might ask? “We’ve only ever wanted to be the best band we can be” (Arcane Roots). “We play music we love and hope that other people will love it as well” (Only Rivals). The rock’n’roll clichés tour, more like.

No video for this. The whole thing sucks

Next week’s biggie…

Kevin Harley reviews Basement Jaxx’s Junto. Watch the really rather dubious “twerking robot” video for “Never Say Never” at the Bonus Track web page.