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Simmy Richman is Associate Editor of The Independent on Sunday's New Review magazine. He is also a writer and CD reviews editor for The Independent on Sunday

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Love me gender: Chaps in tune with their masculinity

Bear with me, there will (hopefully) be a point. There is an old joke about two Jewish men in Germany in the 1930s. One is reading a Jewish newspaper, the other a Nazi propaganda rag. “Why are you reading that?” the first asks the second. “Well,” the man replies, “if I look at your paper, all I read about is persecution and poverty. If I look at this, all I read about is how we control the world.”

The Real Liam Gallagher stands up - with a contemporary art show

His Wikipedia entry describes him as an “entertainer, artist and writer” but none of that really covers the work of Scottee. “Mostly what I do,” the 30-year-old north Londoner says, “is find something that annoys me and respond to it.” In the past, that has led Scottee to host talent contests for fat people and to produce art characterised by what he describes as “shining a light on the s***”: “I am fat, queer, left-handed and dyslexic,” he says, “and I live in a world that treats outsiders as grotesque.”