From Educating the East End to Life Story: What to watch on TV tonight

David Attenborough's new series starts tonight as we say goodbye to the Frederick Bremer School in Walthamstow

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Life Story

9pm, BBC1

The new natural history series begins with David Attenborough presenting from a meerkat burrow, then proves its mettle in the next sequence in which  a barnacle goose hatches her eggs in Greenland.

Educating The East End 

9pm, Channel 4

The final episode focuses on the autism provision at Frederick Bremer, and meets year-10 student Christopher – who has won teachers and fellow students over with his constant smiling, upbeat attitude and his “keep positive” motto.

Peaky Blinders

9pm, BBC2

It’s all getting a mite incestuous down on the Peaky Blinders set as Tommy (Cillian Murphy) gets close to society darling May Carleton – played by Charlotte Riley, the other half of Murphy’s co-star Tom Hardy.

The Great Fire 

9pm, ITV

The fire takes hold and King Charles finally commands action, ordering his advisers to compensate the public and tear down buildings to create firebreaks. But his dastardly advisers have other plans. Part two of this clunkily entertaining 17th-century version of The Towering Inferno.


9pm, E4

Return of the comedy written by and starring Jessica Knappett, and dubbed “the female Inbetweeners” when it debuted last year. There are some funny lines, but it would be hard to accept that these three graduates would be friends in real life.

Scrotal Recall 

10pm, Channel 4

This week we get the back-story about Dylan’s relationship with Jane, the girlfriend we saw dumping him at the wedding in episode one.