On the agenda: Married Single Other; Holster 52; Joules; The Cinnamon Club; Robert Graysmith

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If the provenance of its talent is anything to go by, 'Married Single Other' could be on to a winner. Lucy Davis, Miranda Raison and Ralf Little, from The Office, Spooks and The Royle Family respectively (just forget Two and a Half Pints, OK?), star in ITV's new drama, which follows the ups and downs of three couples at different points in their relationships. With an executive producer (Andy Harries) who was the brains behind Cold Feet, and two hot directors in tow (one of whom, Charles Martin, helmed three Being Human episodes), the signs are promising. The truth – witty ensemble or another soapy dud – will be revealed at 9pm on ITV1 tomorrow.

Adam Jacques


There's something exciting about buying works of art from artists earmarked for greatness. Especially when they're available for £75-£100. Holster 52, from Notting Hill gallery Holster Projects, will release up to 200 prints of one work by one artist each week for the next year. First up is Bee Emmott, who has collaborated with architect Tom Gibson to create a striking fusion of 2-D and 3-D urban landscapes, while Swedish artist Carlota Perla's surreal dreamscapes, which subvert traditional feminine imagery by adding a smattering of human skulls, look dead cool. holster52.com


Sturdy country label Joules is best known for providing puffas and jodhpurs for ritzy mamas to wear to country events. So its new Boutique range is a breath of fresh air, taking its inspiration from 1950s housewives rather than their modern-day Notting Hill granddaughters. All prints and graphics are designed in-house, and these floral shorts are pure Betty Draper – after she found her feminine mystique, of course. On sale from 8 March, from £29; joulesclothing.com

Harriet Walker


Lots of Sussex towns serve up fresh Atlantic scallops, but few make a week-long festival of it. The result, for seafood aficionados in Rye, is a scallop frenzy, with most of the town's fishermen and restaurants getting in on the act, offering sautéed, steamed, grilled or fried delicacies. Treats include free cookery lessons from 10am-4pm on Simmons Quay today, and a six-course scallop-tasting menu at The Ship Inn (on Wednesday and Thursday, tel: 01797 222 233 for bookings). ryebayscallops.co.uk


Forget the popcorn: for movie buffs seeking a little more spice in their lives, Westminster's upmarket Indian eatery The Cinnamon Club has lotus puffs, masala corn and cocktails aplenty at the concessions booth for its free film night on the last Monday of every month. The subcontinent-themed double-bills begin in its swanky basement lounge tomorrow night with East is East and My Beautiful Laundrette. cinnamonclub.com



The life of the true-crime writer Robert Graysmith could be headed for the silver screen again. Three years after Jake Gyllenhaal played Graysmith in David Fincher's Zodiac, based on the writer's 1986 book about the San Francisco "Zodiac killer", the author's next book, The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower, is set to be published by Titan on Friday. The writer claims to have solved the chilling murder of bunny girl Marli Renfro, the body-double for Janet Leigh in Hitchcock's Psycho – and it sounds to us as though Hollywood starlets will be queuing up to play the fearless lead.

Katy Guest