Television choices: A new campaign for everyone's favourite Danish politician in Borgen


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1. Saturday


9pm BBC4

"Halfway through my journey I found myself in a dark wood...", the traditional Borgen opening quote comes from Dante's Inferno, apparently, although as we reach the third and final series of the subtitled political drama, everyone's favourite fictional Danish ex-PM, Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen), finds herself in Hong Kong.

She's on the board of a multinational pharmaceutical company and has a new – and British – boyfriend (played by the Scottish actor Alastair Mackenzie). But when her beloved Moderate party appears to be selling itself into coalition with an anti-immigration government, she decides to make her move. All the regular cast return, including Birgitte Hjort Sorensen as star television reporter Katrine, while Pilou Asbaek has grown his hair as troubled spin-doctor (now television pundit) Kasper.


2. Britain and the Sea

9pm BBC1

Somewhere between Coast and Timothy Spall: All at Sea – but rather closer to Coast, for David Dimbleby is a less flummoxed seaman than Spall – the Question Time presenter explores the British littoral in his beloved red-sailed cutter Rocket. Very much in the same vein as Dimbleby's series, A Picture of Britain et al, this begins off the coast of Cornwall.


3 : Light and Dark

9pm BBC4

"The cosmos's greatest mysteries lie hidden in the dark," says Jim Al-Khalili as he shows how some of history's greatest minds began to uncover the secrets of the universe. This opener travels from Euclid to Galileo by way of the Danish astronomer Ole Roemer's finding that light moves at a finite speed.


4. Last Tango in Halifax

9pm BBC1

Sally Wainwright's inter-generational drama hit (also popular in America apparently) returns where it left off – with Alan (Derek Jacobi) regaining consciousness after his heart scare. Reid, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker are all back – as is Tony Gardner, reprising another of his weak-willed middle-aged males.


5. Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen

8pm BBC1

If The House That £100K Built is BBC2's (successful in my view) attempt at Grand Designs, then this new series is their answer to the River Cottage franchise. Nigel Slater, sporting a beard to out-Paxman Paxman, joins Countryfile's Adam Henson to grow and cook Britain's favourite food from a working farm in the Cotswolds.


6. An Adventure in Space and Time

9pm BBC2

The regular Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss's drama travels back in time to 1963 to see how the show was first brought to the screen. The actor William Hartnell (David Bradley) felt trapped by hard-man roles, while the wannabe producer Verity Lambert (Call the Midwife's Jessica Raine) was frustrated by the television industry's glass ceiling.


7. JFK: News of a Shooting

9pm MORE 4

In a novel angle on the events of Dallas 1963, George Clooney looks at the reporters responsible for breaking the terrible news of JFK's assassination to the stunned American public. "They had the story of a lifetime but they didn't know what to do with it," recalls the CBS anchor Dan Rather.