The Word On... 30 Rock, Season 2, Five USA

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"This is a proper, old-fashioned, character-based, gag-a-minute sitcom – something UK TV's been sadly lacking of late. Indeed, with the possible exception of 'Gavin & Stacey', it's hard to think of a recent home-grown comedy that makes you laugh out loud in the way that '30 Rock' does – and with no laugh track either." - Jane Murphy, entertainment/

"Most sitcoms are as bad for you as the offbrand Mexican Cheetos that Liz gorges, and as Jenna tells Liz point, employing 'a weak metaphor', you deserve a good meal. '30 Rock' is a feast." - Donald Liebenson,

"There's a lot of chemistry between Alec Baldwin playing Jack and Fey. I keep hoping that they'll do something between the two characters, not yet though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the writers work on this storyline in the future." - Julianne Jones,

"But it's not the guest stars we're tuning in to see. The regulars all seemed to up their game in this second season. Liz Lemon is the heart of the show. Throughout the year, her struggle to keep both her career and her personal life in order was a driving force for some very funny episodes." - Robert Canning,