War, peace, not much else: Andrew Davies is condensing Tolstoy's epic into a six-hour series

But can John Walsh make it any shorter?

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Breaking news: Tolstoy’s War and Peace is to be adapted for BBC1 TV by Andrew Davies, the go-to guy when it comes to turning baggy classic novels (Middlemarch, Bleak House) into TV gold. He will seek to reduce the 1,225 pages of the original to six episodes, possibly starring Eddie Redmayne.

Six episodes? War and Peace reduced to six hours? Are they mad? When the BBC last did W’n’P, 40 years ago, they spread it across 20 episodes, starring Anthony Hopkins in granny glasses as Pierre. Davies is breezily unbothered by the scale of the enterprise. He says he will cut back on the lengthy philosophical excursions of the latter sections and concentrate on the family drama. “It’s nothing to be frightened of,” he told the press. “At the heart of the book it is a story of four families [five actually] with certain characters we get to care about and love very much.” Okay then. We recognise a challenge when we see it. If Davies thinks he can reduce the plot, the action, the descriptions and the thematic motifs down to six hours, let’s just see how much more streamlined we could make it. Welcome to @war&peace.

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