What to watch tonight: TV choices - 23 October


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Ambassadors- 9pm, BBC2

David Mitchell and Robert Webb star, but don’t go expecting Peep Show – this is comedy drama for a start, and the writer is James Woods, who created Rev. It’s set in a central Asian republic, with Mitchell as Her Majesty’s ambassador, Webb his assistant and Keeley Hawes his wife. The plot involves vodka, helicopters, human rights and a dead ibex.

The Tunnel - 9pm & 1.25am, Sky Atlantic

The Anglo-French adaptation of the Scandinavian thriller The Bridge continues with Karl (Stephen Dillane) in Folkestone’s seedy underbelly and Elise (Clémence Poésy, right) heading for Boulogne.

You, Me & Them- 9pm, Gold

Gold interrupts its wall-to-wall Fawlty Towers reruns to bring us its first home-made sitcom. It’s about an age-gap couple (Anthony Head and Eve Myles) and you’ll get the general idea when I say that his ex-wife (Lindsay Duncan, no less) lives next door.

Misfits- 10pm, E4

The final series of Howard Overman’s young-offenders-with-superpowers saga opens with a man trapped in a turtle’s body and a woman who can see the future through her knitting.

How to Find the Perfect Flatmate- 10.45pm, Channel 4

It might make a good reality show, but as a documentary this First Cut offering works best as a sideways look at the desperation of “generation rent”, as we are introduced to a cross-section of extreme landlords – from obsessive box-tickers to out-and-out slobs – and prospective tenants like Scott and his topless online profile.