Benefits Street, The Bletchley Circle and Secrets Of The Living Dolls: What to watch tonight - TV choices, Monday 6 January

Channel 4 doc about men who dress up as latex dolls airs tonight

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Secrets Of The Living Dolls 

10pm, Channel 4

“She’s amazing and she’s all mine”, says 70-year-old Robert admiring his reflection in the mirror. Robert is what is known to sexual psychologists as a “female masker” - in other words he likes to pop into a sort of latex onesy fashioned as a naked female, complete with pouty feminine mask. It’s a grotesque parody, but he seems to like it.

Benefits Street 

9pm, Channel 4

A visit to the residents of one of Britain’s most benefit-dependent streets to reveal the daily challenges they face, such as child poverty, illiteracy, and drug and alcohol problems.

A Great Welsh Adventure With Griff Rhys Jones

8pm, ITV

Portmeirion, the Italianate Welsh village where the Sixties television classic The Prisoner was filmed, is Griff’s first stop. 

The Bletchley Circle

9pm, ITV

Still guarding their wartime identity as female code-breakers at Bletchley Park (and still stifled by the post-war conformity), the women reunite when a former Bletchley colleague (Hattie Morahan) is sent to prison to await trial for the murder of a scientist.

The 7.39

9pm, BBC1

The writer David Nicholls returns to television with a romantic drama with echoes of David Lean’s Brief Encounter. David Morrissey plays Carl, an outwardly happily married executive who strikes up a romantic relationship with with health club manager Sally (Sheridan Smith).

The Truth About Skunk

9pm, 12.30am & 3am, BBC3

Jake Hanrahan looks at how “skunk”, the hybrid, highly addictive form of marijuana, has revolutionised the world of cannabis, and how its consumption poses a serious threat to mental health.