Apprentice 2014: Steven Ugoalah washes face and feet 'in vinegar every night'

Contestant Robert Goodwin made the claim after being eliminated

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Lemon juice for shiny hair, egg whites for sparkling skin - and vinegar for freshening up in the evening. 

At least that's according to Apprentice contestant Steven Ugoalah, apparently - he reportedly washes his face and feet with white wine vinegar every night.

Fellow candidate Robert Goodwin, who was eliminated from last night’s show, told Digital Spy about Ugoalah’s personal habits.

“I was sharing a room with him and he would wash his feet and face with vinegar every night. Which actually stank out the room every night,” he said.

“When I confronted him about why he did it, he said, 'When you grow up, you learn to live with people's habits'.”

He added: “I really don't know [why he did it]. I wish I knew. Maybe it's a new thing that will take the world by storm. I wish I could enlighten you.”

Goodwin also said that he found Ugoalah “awkward” in both a professional and personal capacity.


However, Ugoalah may be on to something as vinegar is recommended by those in the know as a home-made beauty treatment. It is used as a facial toner and skin soother and is also said to deodorise feet and soften cracked heels.

Goodwin was eliminated along with Scott McCulloch as part of a surprise double firing, after the boys’ team lost to the girls.

Lord Alan Sugar criticised him for not taking on the role of project manager. He said: “Robert, I don’t like people who bottle out. So Robert - you’re fired.”