Apprentice 2014: Team Decadence change their name to Team Tenacity

After none of the ten contestants appeared to know the meaning of the word, they were asked to change their name by Lord Sugar

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It is a word better associated with self-indulgence, debauchery and moral decay, but that did not stop the female Apprentice contestants calling their team "decadence".

With none of the ten girls appearing to know the meaning of the word, the team decided on the name after candidate Nurun Ahmed said the word contained “decade” to mark the show’s 10th anniversary.

But after a number of contorted facial expressions from Nick Hewer, the girls were told to change their name by Lord Sugar in the boardroom last night.

Tonight’s second episode sees team decadence rebranded team tenacity, a name unanimously agreed on after operations manager Jemma Bird’s suggestion.


The girls agree on their name before getting down to their second task, which sees both groups challenged to design a piece of wearable technology.

Team tenacity decide on a hi-tech temperature regulating, phone charging, light-up jacket, while the boys focus on a sweatshirt with a built-in camera.

But it isn’t long before there are crossed wires and mixed signals all round for both teams, with Nick Hewer describing the boys team as one of the most chaotic in the show’s 10-year run.

The Apprentice continues tonight on BBC1 at 9pm.

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