EastEnders: The best Bobby Beale memes after child revealed to be Lucy Beale's killer

Fans took to social media to mock the 11-year-old killer

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When a child is accused of killing his older sister live on national TV, the Brits decide to laugh.

After it was revealed last night that 11-year-old Bobby Beale did in fact kill Lucy Beale by hitting her with a small jewellery box, EastEnders fans mocked the soap on social media.


Bobby Beale was the bookies’ favourite to have committed the crime after Lauren Branning revealed that she knew Lucy was killed at home in a letter sent to Jane before her wedding, putting family members in the spotlight.

Ian Beale’s new wife Jane was also thought to be a favourite after she failed to attend Lucy’s funeral.

Last night’s big reveal was broadcast in a semi-live episode as part of EastEnders’ 30th anniversary celebrations.


Tonight the aftermath of Bobby Beale’s crime will be explored in the first entirely live show to round-up the anniversary week.

The year-long mystery surrounding Lucy’s death is the soap’s biggest whodunit for years, following ‘Who killed Archie’ in 2009 and ‘Who shot Phil Mitchell’ in 2001.

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