Most people will say they have a "type" of person they're attracted to.

But a model from Liverpool took that ideal to a whole other level that when she appeared on Channel 4 show First Dates.

Jade Ainsworth was paired up with Adam in the hope that there might be a spark between them, but before he turned up she decided to reel off her list of preferences to barman Merlin.

"No snorers, no minors, no pensioners, no living with parents because I don't want a lodger, no one who's miserable," she rattled off.

"No one with a psycho ex, no one who's a minge bag (because I don't wanna be paying for everything), someone who can drive fast (can't be having no tortoises)... someone with a low sex drive."

The 22-point list also stated that Jade didn't want to date "midgets" or anyone with tattoos. 

See the full list below:

  • No snorers
  • No pensioners
  • No midgets
  • No one unemployed
  • No one with a wife or girlfriend
  • No minors
  • Someone with banter
  • Someone that can socialise
  • Someone who can drive properly
  • No relationship rules or restrictions
  • Someone not controlling
  • Easygoing
  • Doesn't live with their parents
  • No baggage
  • Someone who can drink
  • No smokers
  • No steroids
  • No tattoos
  • Low sex drive
  • No one miserable
  • No one with a pyscho ex
  • No one who's tight

Sadly Jade said she didn't feel that spark on her date with Adam, but they did go for drinks with another couple after the show.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echoshe said that she had been asked three times by producers to appear, and was eventually persuaded to go on by her mother. 

Admitting that her list might seem extreme to some, Jade explained that she didn't have time to be messed around. 

"I work seven days a week," she said. "I've really thought about what I do and don't want and I think it's good to have a list.

"I want a man with a low sex drive, because practically every man I know cheats on his partner, so I figured if they have a low sex drive, they'll be less likely to cheat."

Jade said that going on First Dates has boosted her confidence and she feels "ready to start dating again now".