Game Of Thrones season 5 teaser: Sansa Stark appears in remarkably brief trailer #TheSight

Fans have been crowing like three-eyed ravens about HBO's new teaser, even though it is disappointingly tiny

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HBO has taken the new trend for releasing infuriatingly short “teaser” trailers of hotly anticipated film and television content to another level by giving fans a 9 second glimpse of the next series.

The teeny tiny teaser for Game Of Thrones season 5 was meant to expire after a single mobile viewing – but it has been posted online by ingenious fans and watched more than 500,000 times already.

The teaser begins with a misty view of a miserable-looking Sansa Stark, a shadowy Tyrion Lannister and his sinister sister Cersei lurking behind a screen.

It also shows the open-mouthed face of the weirwood tree, a hand trailing in water and an unidentifiable character in a rowing boat.

It ends with the message: “This vision has come and gone. Keep watch. More may come.”

The cryptic PR stunt was intended to tantalise Game of Thrones fans, but it caused some angst after the release didn’t work for lots of people.

The HBO show’s official Twitter account told fans on Monday: "A raven will bring you a new vision soon. Thank you for keeping watch."