Game of Thrones' Shireen Baratheon actress found the perfect photo opportunity at a BBQ

'Oh ffs not again'

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One of the most shocking moments of Game of Thrones season 5 was (spoiler ahead, but why wouldn't you have watched it by now?) when Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre had darling little Princess Shireen burnt on a pyre in the hope it would magically help them win the Iron Throne.

It of course spelled the exit for actress Kerry Ingram, but she isn't bitter about it, making light of her character's swift departure at what looks to be a bonfire or barbecue over the weekend.

"Oh ffs not again…" she wrote, posing behind flames.

Shireen was not the most mourned departure last season, that honour goes to Jon Snow, who many believe could still return from the dead in season 6.

First the fact that Kit Harrington kept his long hair post-filming provoked rumours, and now they've been stoked by HBO releasing a line of 'dead character' dolls which doesn't feature Jon.

We have a long wait to find out whether he really is 'deader than dead', as a GoT director claimed, with season 6 not expected to arrive until April 2016.