Girls creators 100% up for a spin-off or movie but don't know if HBO wants it

'I don’t think spin-offs are in HBO’s DNA'

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HBO's Girls concluded on Sunday night with a highly original and muted finale that followed a more traditional one with the penultimate episode the week before.

That's the end of the show for now, but co-showrunner Jenni Konner is up for more content in its universe, be it a movie, spin-off or prequel.

This wasn't a "Maybe, we'll see" situation either; asked by Business Insider about the possibility of any of the above and their strong potential, she said:

"I know! I would do any of them. The thing is I don’t think spin-offs are in HBO’s DNA, really. I mean they haven’t really done it before. I’m down for it. I’m into a movie, too, but no one’s asked. We’re down for it all."

Girls struggled with ratings in later seasons, but ratings aren't everything to HBO, which doesn't have advertisers to please, and the show will have a considerable legacy.

With it looking pretty likely that HBO will go ahead with a Game of Thrones spin-off, a Girls one at a later date or even a new season picking up the characters later in life definitely feels possible.