Great British Bake Off returns with amazing Sound of Music trailer - here's what we know so far from start date to judges

Bakers and non-bakers alike are excited for another series of innuendos

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It's almost time for the Great British Bake Off to burst back into our lives in a whirlwind of icing sugar, soggy bottoms and wildly inappropriate innuendos.

Oh yes, series six is 'coming soon' and to celebrate, there's a brand new trailer based on, err, The Sound of Music.

Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood can be seen frolicking through the fields with presenters Mel and Sue, with Mary rocking a bright pink jacket and showing off some impressive ballet leaps to welcome in the new season.

"The hills are alive with the smell of baking," she 'sings' as Mel, Sue and Paul inhale the delicious smells of freshly made fruit tarts and bread. "The hills fill my heart with the smell of baking, I just want to taste every cake that is baaaaked!"

They certainly aren't the only ones, as the annual salivating in front of your telly fest always inspires baking desires we never knew we had.

Last year's Bake Off final drew a record-breaking 12.3 million viewers, with Nancy Birtwhistle being crowned amateur baking champion.

So what do we know so far about the Bake Off's triumphant return?

When is it on? Sorry sweet-toothed fiends, but there's no official start date yet. The BBC have simply promised that there's not long to wait and we're guessing it'll be early August. Last year's series aired every Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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Nancy Birtwhistle won last year's Great British Bake Off

Who will be on the show? Well Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue are clearly all very excited to be returning, judging by their enthuasiasm in the trailer. The contestants remain a secret at this stage, but we're hoping to see a line-up in the next fortnight.

Just Mary Berry channelling Julie Andrews in the Bake Off promo

Why should I watch it? The baking is all well and good, and often of quite staggering quality but what we're really hoping for is another #Bingate (when Iain Watters dumped his Baked Alaska after it failed to freeze) and yet more wonderful innuendoes from the seemingly so innocent Mary.

Your friends will likely all be discussing the latest Bake Off drama (and believe us there is drama) at school, by the water cooler or while hungover in bed. Just look how excited everyone's getting already:

Bring on the Bake Off 2015...