Inbetweeners boys bullied on set


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The 'Inbetweeners' stars were bullied by British tourists while filming their upcoming movie.

Actors Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas and James Buckley - who play unlucky-in-love teens Will McKenzie, Neil Sutherland, Simon Cooper and Jay Cartwright in the E4 comedy - had their football pinched by a group of "hard-looking lads" while filming on the Greek island of Crete.

Simon explained: "We were just walking along the beach after filming, and we had a football. This group of quite hard-looking lads walked past and one said, 'Over here, mate. On me head'.

"I nervously kicked it his way and he just walked off with it! Then one of his mates saw we were off the TV and he came back and gave us the ball and wanted his photo taken. That was just us being bullied in our real lives!"

The movie - which follows the four teens as they go on a lads' holiday to the party destination of Malia - is thought to be the last venture in the 'Inbetweeners' franchise, which Simon admitted made filming a particularly "emotional" experience. He added to FHM magazine: "The last week of filming was quite emotional because we spent so much time together over the last three years. Knowing it's coming to an end is horrible, really."

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